Read TranscriptSuppose you spent a lot of money on an airplane -- would you take it to a mechanic who'd tell you how to fly higher and faster without even inspecting it? Suppose you invested in a thoroughbred horse -- would you just download some virtual vet's whitepaper on how to care for your thoroughbred when she gets sick? Suppose you spent significant budget and time on developing a website for your business -- would you pay an SEO agency for a generic, one-size-fits-all template of best practices: hoping it'll get the desired actions you want from your visitors? hoping it'll prepare your site for maximum traffic? and, oh yeah, hoping there is someone at the agency to guide you through? No. You'd want an expert mechanic to actually inspect your aircraft through and through so it takes you where you want to go. You'd want a real vet to diagnose your thoroughbred and prescribe treatments to care for her so she runs like a champion. And you'd want an SEO agency that knows your web site inside and out, understands your business goals, and will make sure your site reaches its traffic potential. Introducing The Website Audit from Intrapromote. Unlike other website audits, we are a team of highly skilled SEO experts dedicated to working hand in hand with your company. We'll make sure we understand your goals, your competition, and your ideal customer visit. Then, we'll perform a site-wide audit, analyzing your site on over 20 critical elements that directly affect the amount of traffic coming to your site. Lastly, we'll consult with you directly on high-impact, prioritized adjustments to make sure your website is easily found by the customers you want. Because we want your airplane to fly higher and take you to paradise. Because we want your thoroughbred to be healthy and a winner. And because we want the web site you've invested so much in to bring you the business you deserve.